Get Paid To Blog in 2021

Get Paid To Blog: Starting January there will be 2 blogging tasks. 1 task will be posted here for the blogger network and 2nd blogging task for TAPNET MasterMinds Group. To participate you will need to have a blog hosted with a web host provider like Host Papa. or does not qualify. Please watch the video on the submission page and learn all you can about blogging to get good search engine ranking. We will be teaching about blogging in the MasterMind Group in the coming weeks so you can earn as much as possible from the blog tasks.


Bonuses: Bonuses for blogging tasks will be based on the Ranking of your blog. Each affiliate will earn differently based on the blog quality. It will be calculated based on Alexa Ranking and Backlinks. We will provide the ranking details and bonus you will earn after your blog is submitted + approved.


Tasks: Tasks will be posted here for affiliates and in group for TAPreneurs just like all other tasks. When task is completed you will open a support ticket like with all other tasks.


Register your blog now and get pre-approved as soon as possible. To register, submit your blog here: TAPNET Blog Network


Friday, December 11, 2020

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