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Social Media Promotion
Complete the details in the checkout. Our design team will create social posts from your details.
Automated Social Posts
Your social posts will be shared on all TAPNET social media channels and groups on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. They will be re-posted on a rotation based on active social posts.
Keep an eye on your email for additional instructions and from our help desk ticket system.
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Paid Coach Marketing

Paid Coach Marketing

What You Get
Guest Blog Post Article
Your coach promotion includes a dedicated blog post to summarize your coaching services similar to a movie trailer that creates more interest and curiosity. Your blog post invites the reader to click thru to your client landing page using our proven landing page optimization techniques.
Upgraded Remarketing Campaign
Our established highly targeted audiences are used to retarget interested readers to visit your article.
Our existing audiences are used to drive traffic to your readers using highly targeted purchase intent keywords. This type of targeted traffic is guaranteed to increase client leads.
Social Media Promotion
Social posts are shared on my social media channels and groups on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Dedicated Email Campaign
Reviewed and summarized into a blog post we will create a dedicated email campaign. Using your coaching services summary we will create a dedicated email newsletter to promote your coaching services. This email will be delivered to our entire email subscriber list. Even new subscribers long after your review!
Referral Program
All our subscribers and author network can join our affiliate program to assist in the promotion of our content. We truly believe in a rising tide raises all ships. Join our affiliate program and help promote your coaching services and others as well.
Every subscription includes a dedicated affiliate marketing page for your coaching services. This page displays banners to promote your services with pre-made HTML snippets that affiliates can copy and paste into their social media posts or onto their own blogs or websites. This adds more ranking power to your blog post that increases organic search traffic which drives more client leads for everyone!
YouTube Video
1 dedicated YouTube video review which is posted on my channel and into the blog post.
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