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Boost Facebook Insight Ranking with Organic Engagement

Facebook Social Engagement

Organic Social Engagement

Posting on social media and not getting any likes, comments or shares hurts your overall profile ranking.

It is vital for content to receive Likes, Comments and get Shared by your Facebook users and your Page followers. The sooner this happens after a post the better.

By getting natural organic social engagement it signals that the content is interesting. The social media platform will then show your post to more viewers. This is the free advertising that everyone wants.

This service will provide you with 1 real organic Likes, Comments as well Shared onto the TAPNET Facebook Page. From our Facebook page our network of Affiliates will begin to also Like and Share which will result in additional social media engagement.




Shared to TAPNET Facebook Page

Promoted to the TAPNET Network of Affiliates

Facebook - SMM Viral Campaign

Facebook Viral Campaign

A dedicated landing page will become the hub for the campaign. The TAPNET Network of Affiliates will share the page onto their social media accounts. This creates a significant amount of social engagement to the dedicated landing page.

This effect creates a web of social media activity that cannot be obtained using a social media account as the hub.

Affiliates will then add links to the hub page from their websites and blogs. The backlink strategy here will boost the hub landing page in search and pass the ranking to links on the hub page back to your website. This strategy is not possible using a social media account as a hub.

1. Top Placement on our Promotion Pages For Minimum 7 Days
2. Promoted to TAPNET Network of Affiliates
3. Unlimited Facebook Post Likes + Shares
4. Ad Remains On Promotion Pages Minimum of 14 Days
5. Ad online within 24 hours.